The main goal of the Club 27 is to help all good international talent, ideas, businesses, visions and plans to see the light and have a chance for success.

To destroy the boarders and reunite the World.


To support human rights which are created by nature, not by human mind.


To support finding the natural inner potential of every person.


Healing & Meditation

We support a new Medical Technology : ERI / CME
and Mediation techniques by Osho

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  • CME / ERI

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The main purpose

This international platform helps to connect ideas, talents and sources with support from the Members in various forms such as

Help with administration, marketing, promotion, legislation, consultancy, legal consultancy, connecting people, contacts, help with the foundation of the companies, personnel issues, placement of the potential business… etc., up to financial support and much more.

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Offering a name, trademark, reputation, recognition, image…

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Support any natural healing of people by meditation, body-mind healing and all alternative forms of medicine (with main focus on diagnostics and prevention). Not only promote a helpful alternative medicine and meditation forms and centers, but also appeal on Governmental decisions in specific countries to include Alternative medicine and Meditation as fully recognized forms of health services!

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The lastest launched

Healing Center based at ERI/KME – Medical and Holistic Systems

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First Medical Centre with ERI in Cyprus

Healing Center based at ERI/KME - Medical and Holistic Systems





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Let’s  change this WORLD by changing ourselves.

Let’s get HEALTH under control and our LIBERTY back.

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