Our initial mission and vision

The main goal and purpose of Club 27 is to heal this world and create a new one according to the principles of Universal law. We want to bring basic and justified liberty to each alive individual on this planet. A new world will be created with your help and under a new structure: Modified and renewed Declaration of Human rights View Here

Simplified legislation systems and synchronised laws all over the world – will be presented in its time. New payment system for the beginning – you will be part of it soon, if you wish to. New Health Care system using the advanced technology /governments will not bear responsibility for health of each individual, it will become responsibility of each human, having instrument how to do it. Learn More

New Educational systems. Synchronicity with Universal Evolution Plan of this planet. Learn More

Another aim of the Association is also to help…

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“We Are the World – By Healing the World” is the main slogan and the main motto of the Association. There is no difference between people, each and every one of them is individual and unique, and at the same time each one is not better or worse than the other. And any creative, unique and progressive ideas can see the light and become true thanks to Club 27 and with the help of its members.



Membership certificate

Every member of Club 27 could receives this Licence to use Business name and Trade mark of Club 27.

Licence certificate

This Certificate authorises any new legal bodies or entities to become our official associates in certain field, region or territory.


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